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AMS Early Childhood Credential Tuition:

Academic Phase Deposit

$990.00 due upon enrollment.

This includes a $100.00 non-refundable registration fee, a $240.00 AMS student fee, ​and a $171.00 MACTE student fee. 

Online Courses Tuition

$1520.00 in three installments for our online courses
($600.00 for Montessori Philosophy; $600.00 for Child Development; $32
0.00 for Classroom Leadership)

Academic Phase: On-site Installment

*This cost does not include additional supplies and texts - estimated $200.00

Practicum Installment


Evaluation & Review Installment


Field Consultant Visits 
*Applies only to students living at a distance of greater than 300 miles fro
m Kalispell, MT

Total Program Cost


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